History of Horse Shoeing  

Horse Shoe Design through the Ages

Celtic origin circa 1000 AD 1100 AD Guildhall shoe circa 1300 AD

Early horse shoes were typically of a traditional broad web design. They were time consuming and labour intensive to manufacture.

1500 AD Tongue shoe circa 1700 AD Rim horse shoe circa 1800 AD

During the 1800's and the industrial revolution horse shoe manufacture changed dramatically. The traditionally produced, labour intensive shoes were replaced by cheaper mass produced rim type shoes. The majority of today's horse shoes and the techniques employed to produce them have evolved from the rim shoe of the 19th century. The result is a shoeing process that has the shoe bashed into a shape to match the shape of the horses hoof.

Cytek horse shoe

Today's Cytek horse shoe is the result of extensive research and development that addresses fundamental problems caused by contempary shoeing systems. The shoe is designed specifically to minimise interference with the horses hoof and to enhance freedom of movement.